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Notes on v.1.0

Version 1.0 of the library is still available and is forward-compatible to v.2.0 (a v.2.0 Quad may be initialized with the significant and exponent of a v.1.0 Quad and will have the same value; the reverse is also true except for the special PositiveInfinity, NegativeInfinity, and NaN values, which do not exist in v.1.0). Quadruple v.1.0 arithmetic is faster than Quadruple 2.0 arithmetic because there are no overflow or underflow checks or special values, although the advantage is small except in multiplication, where v.1.0 Multiply() takes only 76 seconds for 10 billion multiplication, about 25% faster than the v.2.0 MultiplyUnchecked(). Unless speed is vital and you are confident that you will not underflow or overflow (or will check for this yourself), use v.2.0.

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